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Manifold Valley Mixed Dinner Box 74.00 Shipping 0.00

€1.54 p/lb

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Our mixed dinner box contains 24 x 1lb Beef dinner and 24 x 1lb of Turkey dinner.


  • Beef dinner contains 80% Beef, 10% Bone & 10% Offal
  • Turkey Dinner contains 80% Turkey, 10% Bone & 10% Offal

We do not add any water, grains or hidden ingredients. We label honestly and accurately. All our pet food products are made using human-grade meats (meat which is fit for, but not intended for, human consumption). In addition we only use identifiable, named meats, such as chicken, beef or lamb, and there are no ambiguous ingredients such as ‘animal derivatives’. Our honest labelling system allows pet owners to make an informed decision when ordering from us. If you need any information on our products please feel free to get in touch.

74.00 Shipping 0.00