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A Bit Of Everything Plus Beef Tripe 60.00

Exactly what the name says! This box contains 27 x 500gm cartons of K9 Kitchen complete mixes, & 9 x 454gm bags of Beef Tripe. So you get 9 x Beef & veg, 9 x Duck & veg, 9 x Chicken & veg, 9 x Beef/Chicken & veg & 9 x Beef Tripe.

    Frozen Irish Chicken Heart 10kg Box 36.00

    Frozen Irish Chicken Heart

      Minced Beef Tripe 42 x 1lb Bags 69.90

      Minced Green Beef Tripe in handy 1lb bags

        Mixed Treat Box 55.00

        Mixed Treat Box

        Our mixed treat box allows you to provide your pet with a great variety. Each treat box contains 5 x 1kg chicken necks, 5 x 1kg duck necks, 1 x 2kg chicken heart, 2 x 2kg chicken feet and 5 duck carcass, If you would like to change any of the products in the box simply call us on 01-6261795 and we can change the products for you and arrange your order.

        • 1kg Chicken Necks x 5
        • 1kg Duck Necks x 5
        • Duck Carcass x 3
        • 2kg Chicken Heart x 1
        • 2kg Chicken Feet x 2

        Minced Irish Beef Tripe 5 x 5kg Bags 85.00

        Minced Irish Beef Tripe 5 x 5kg Bags

        100% Irish, 100% Beef Tripe in 5kg Heat Sealed Bags

        • €3.40 per kilo!!!

        Manifold Valley Mixed Box 80.00

        Manifold Valley Mixed Box

        Our mixed box gives you the option to choose from all products. Simply select any of the products you would like added to your box and we will divide your selections for you. There is 48 x lb bags in each box so if you select 2 products you will receive 24 of each, If you select 4 products you will receive 12 of each, select 6 and you will receive 7 of each and so on.

        • Contains 48 x 1lb bags

        Irish Chicken Carcass 2 x 10kg 30.00

        Fresh Frozen Irish Meaty Chicken Carcass

          Beef,Chicken & Veg 60.00

          Irish beef mince (40%), Fresh Irish Chicken (40%), Irish beef organ (4% liver, 4% heart, 4% kidney), fresh veg (8%), (green beans, broccoli, carrots), Seaweed Kelp & salmon oil. Contains approx ~10% bone. Per100g: kcal 197; Protein 11.8g; Fat 9.4g; Carbs 2.4g

          • Fresh Irish 70vl Beef
          • Fresh Irish Chicken
          • Fresh Irish Beef Organ
          • Fresh Local Veg
          • Seaweed kelp from the west coast of Ireland
          • Scottish Salmon Oil

          Pet Friendly Disinfectant 4 x 5ltr Drums 50.00

          Pet Friendly Disinfectant 4 x 5ltr Drums

          Pet Friendly Kennel Disinfectant Powerful quaternary based cleaner, disinfectant and deodoriser. It effectively destroys a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses at source. It kills odours and leaves a fresh fragrance. Safe to use on all water washable surfaces, floors, walls, cages, bedding, dog runs, carpets and drains. Ideal for usage in kennels and catteries to control Parvo-virus, feline calici virus and kennel cough etc. Also effective against Newscastle disease, TB, Avian Influenza virus and foot and mouth. Safe to animals paws, fresh pleasant fragrance, economical to use- Dilutes 1:100 with water, destroys bacteria and odours instantly at source, can be used in washing machine to wash pet bedding!

          • Jasmine
          • Eucalyptus
          • Cherry
          • Baby Powder
          • Lemon
          • Lavander
          • Georgia Peach
          • Bubble Gum

          Trixie Puppy Pen 69.90

          Trixie Puppy Pen

          • 8 Panels x 91cm High x 60cm wide

          Minced Chicken 36 x 500gm Cartons 55.00

          Minced Fresh Irish Chicken including bone.

          • Contains Approx 89% Chicken, 11% Bone
          • Per100gm kcal 126, Protein 15.5g, Fat 7.4g, Carbs 0.4g

          Frozen Irish Chicken Carcass 12kg Box 25.00

          Meaty Irish Chicken Carcass 1 x 12kg Box.

            Healthy Hounds Scottish Salmon Oil 2500ml 49.00

            Healthy Hounds Scottish Salmon Oil 2500ml

            Healthy Hounds Scottish Salmon oil is made from 100% fresh Scottish salmon. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in salmon oil are essential for skin and coat quality, cardiovascular/ heart health, immune response, cognitive/ brain function and joint function/ mobility and reproductive health. Your pet’s body cannot make these itself, so they must be consumed as part of the diet. It is a scientific fact that these fatty acids are essential for healthy and normal growth. They also greatly benefit the adult and ageing dog and cat. In fact Healthy Hounds Scottish salmon oil is great for dogs and cats of any age. Our salmon oil treats your pet from the inside out.

              Savic Dog Residence 118x76x88cm 130.00

              Savic Dog Cages are quality built cages so will not buckle, lose their shape or rust!

                James Wellbeloved Adult Duck and Rice 15kg 65.00

                James Wellbeloved Adult Duck and Rice 15kg

                James Wellbeloved Dog Adult Duck and Rice is a hypoallergenic food developed to give your adult dog all the nutrients he or she needs to stay healthy

                  Duck Carcass 10kg Box 15.00

                  Duck Carcass 10kg Box

                  100% Duck Carcass, Great for large breed dogs!

                    K9 Seaweed Powder 500gm 19.90

                    K9 Seaweed Powder 500gm

                    K9 Seaweed powder is a totally natural multimineral supplement. It has a wide variety of readily absorbed naturally balanced minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. K9 Seaweed powder contains all the minerals and trace elements your dog requires for a normal healthy life. Being totally natural and of vegetable origin it is easily digested and is safe to feed to dogs of all ages. Seaweed is considered to be one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the Earth.Seaweed continuously filters and bio-accumulates nutrients from the surrounding cold productive ocean water.

                    • Builds resistance to disease by ensuring a complete balance of micronutrients
                    • Organic trace elements more readily assimilated than in synthetic form
                    • Assists nutrient absorption, healthy growth and animal performance
                    • Promotes Healthy Skin
                    • The nutritional value of seaweed is based in its contribution of minerals, trace elements and vitamins to the diet of animals
                    • Vitamins are essential to the normal functioning of an animal's body. They are necessary for the growth, vitality, health and general well being, and for the prevention and cure of many health problems and disease.
                    • Manufactored in the west coast of Ireland
                    • Naturally rich source of minerals, trace elements and organic fibres
                    • Ideal for raw feeders
                    • Contains over 70 vitamins and minerals
                    • Promotes coat growth and helps maintain good pigmentation
                    • Finely powdered so can easily be add
                    • Plaque and tarter control
                    • Promotes Healthy Skin & Promotes Hair Growth & Pigmentation
                    • Aids Digestion
                    • Boosts Immune System
                    • Supports Healthy Joints
                    • Ammonia Acids, Taurine For Healthy Eyes

                    Minced Beef 36 x 500gm Cartons 60.00

                    Minced Beef 36 x 500gm Cartons

                    Beef 100%, 70VL Human grade beef 90%, Beef Liver 5% & Beef Heart 5% (No Bone!)

                    • Contains 20 x 1kg cartons

                    Chicken & Beef Mix 60.00

                    Chicken & Beef Mix

                    Contains 18 x Chicken & Veg mix and 18 x Beef and Veg Mix

                      Duck & Beef Mix 60.00

                      Duck & Beef Mix

                      Contains 18 x Duck & Veg and 18 x Beef & Veg

                        Duck & Chicken Mix 60.00

                        Duck & Chicken Mix

                        Contains 18 x Duck & Veg and 18 x Chicken & Veg.

                          Bronte Glen Premium Vet Bedding 10mtr x 1.5mtr 300.00

                          Bronte Glen Premium Vet Bedding 10mtr x 1.5mtr

                          Bronte Glen Premium is the worlds highest density pet bedding with double Woven Chew Resistent Backing, Machine washable and tumble dry.

                          • Traditional Green Back Vet Bedding
                          • Water Absorbent Backing
                          • Machine Washable @ 90
                          • Tumble Dry
                          • Heat Retention
                          • Double woven backing
                          • Recommended and used by vets

                          Frozen Irish Chicken Neck's 15kg Box 30.00

                          Frozen Irish Chicken Neck's 15kg Box

                          Frozen Irish Chicken Necks are a natural source of protein, fat, and calcium.

                            Frozen Irish Chicken Feet 12kg Box 36.00

                            Frozen Irish Chicken Feet 12kg Box

                            Frozen Irish Chicken Feet are a great treat to add to your pets diet.

                              Beef & Veg 60.00

                              Beef & Veg

                              K9-Kitchen brings you Fresh Irish Beef 80%, Fresh Irish Beef Organ (Beef Liver & Beef heart) 10%, Fresh Veg (Green Beans, Carrots & Broccolli), Salmon Oil, & Seaweed Kelp. Contains No Bone.

                              • Per 100g 312kcal, 25g fat, 16g protein
                              • Contains 36 x 500gm trays

                              Chicken & Veg 60.00

                              Chicken & Veg

                              K9-Kitchen brings you Fresh Irish Chicken 80%, Fresh Irish Chicken Heart 10%, Fresh Veg (Green Beans, Carrots & Broccolli) 10%, Salmon Oil, & Seaweed Kelp. Contains Approx 10% bone

                              • Per100g kcal 120; Protein 15.1g; Fat 6g; Carbs 2.4g

                              Bronte Glen Non Slip Vet Bedding 10mtr x 1.5mtr 300.00

                              Bronte Glen Non Slip Vet Bedding 10mtr x 1.5mtr

                              Bronte Glen Non Slip Pet Bedding is the worlds highest density Non Slip bedding boasting 2000 grams per linear meter, with a non slip rubber backing.

                              • Choose from 21 designs below

                              Duck & Veg 60.00

                              Duck & Veg

                              K9-Kitchen brings you Fresh Irish Duck 80%, Duck Heart 10%, Fresh Veg 10% (Carrots, Green Beans, Broccolli), Salmon Oil, Seaweed kelp, Includes Approx 10% Bone.

                              • Contains 36 x 500gm cartons

                              Frozen Irish Duck Necks 15kg Box 20.00

                              Frozen Irish Duck Necks 15kg Box

                              -A simply delicious 100% natural raw treat that can be fed as a snack to promote fresh breath and dental hygiene. -Our Irish sourced duck necks are packed with soft bone, cartilage and connective tissue that makes for a delicious, crunchy treat. -Ingredients -COMPOSITION -Duck (100%) -ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS -Crude Protein (18.5%), Crude Oils & Fats (5.5%), Crude Ash (1.1%), Crude Fibres (<0.1%), Moisture (74.4%). -113 kcal/100g

                                Champion Premium Grain Free Chicken & Potato 15kg 50.00

                                Champion Premium Grain Free Chicken & Potato 15kg

                                A complete, low allergen, cereal/grain free hypoallergenic food, designed to meet the nutritional needs of hypersensitive dogs. Ideal for dogs with very sensitive digestion, particularly if standard hypoallergenic products (rice or maize based) have continued to present problems (as this recipe is completely grain free; the carbohydrate source is potato only, which is an excellent alternative source for dogs requiring a cereal free option)…

                                • Manufactured in the UK, this is a fixed formulation product (we do not alter the recipe, so can guarantee food consistency batch on batch).
                                • Made with Human Grade Chicken – Provides essential amino acids and helps to aid growth and development
                                • No ‘by products’ (we do not use low quality ingredients such as bakery waste, ‘animal derivatives’ or bone meal).
                                • No soya (vegetable protein extract which is often associated with causing digestive upset / itching).
                                • Free from dairy
                                • No added artificial flavours or colours.
                                • Includes Prebiotics FOS & MOS – which work together to help promote a healthy gut and aid digestion.
                                • Contains extract of Yucca Schidigera – this is a plant extract which is known to help reduce stool odour.
                                • Includes ‘joint care’, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to maintain joint health and aid repair.
                                • Naturally preserved – no BHA / BHT (E numbers).
                                • Easy soak formulation coated with delicious Poultry fat (this is a key energy source which also offers enhanced palatability).